This is just a quick and dirty tutorial for filling in BebeD’s Template. I haven’t even published a set with it yet, but figured I could illustrate it using drafts. This is what the template looks like:

If you’ve used my templates before, you already know I like lots of options … and this template has lots of options. The first option for this template is show below with the different openings I used outlined in yellow.

You can already see that this is another one of my layered templates. What I did with this particular template was create groups which can be swapped to create different variations. I’ve color coded the groups below with the original yellow outlines on top.

Getting to some of the placeholders may be tricky, but be patient and watch for the highlighted feedback that the editor gives you to make sure you hit the right spot. Starting in the upper left corner, I’ve swapped out the option 1 placeholders (in red). The frosted areas show where the option 1 placeholders were and also gives you an idea of how you get to the option 2 placeholders.

Following the example above, I’ve sequentially swapped out the various groups below.

Here’s another look at the groups, but this time with the option 2 outlines …

Finally, Bebe wanted to be able to add her own background (shown in yellow-green).

Questions and comments are always welcome.