This is a quick tutorial for those of you who received a gift of Photoshop over the holidays and would like some instant gratification. At the end of the tutorial, I’ve posted 10 frames (1100 x 1100) and the styles file used to create them so you will have something to play with.

Note: I am using Photoshop CS5, but earlier versions should look very much the same. If you are using Photoshop Elements, things will look a bit different and/or not exist at all.

To get started, create a new file in Photoshop with the size you want your frame to be. I’m making square frames for this tutorial, so I’ve selected 1100 pixels x 1100 pixels as my file size. Since I typically create my frames for Polyvore, I don’t create them at a very high resolution. If you are going to use them for print purposes, they need to be a higher resolution.

Create a new layer for the frame (you can’t use styles on the locked Background layer). To create a new layer, select Layer > New > Layer or click on the little page icon in the Layers palette.

The next step is to Select All using your favorite method (you should be seeing those little marching ants encircling your layer). Then select Edit > Stroke … to bring up the Stroke dialog box. For the frames I created below, I used a stroke width of 30 px (pixels) and made the location Inside. Feel free to make the width any size you wish, but do make sure the location of the stroke is Inside.

Photoshop comes with several layer styles for you to play with, modify, or just do whatever with. You can access these styles from the Styles palette which is typically located in the same palette containing your swatches and colors. If you don’t see it, select Window > Styles and it should show up.

With Layer 1 selected, just click on one of the styles and you have a frame.

Note all the items that have been added to Layer 1 … those are your styles. Clicking on the little eye turns the styles on and off. Clicking on a style will bring up a dialog for you to play with the settings. Information on these styles will have to wait for another post or, even better, get the book Layers by Matt Kloskowski (where the heck do you think I learned all this???).

Now the goodies I promised. The styles file that I used to create the frames below is called Vintage Fabric w/Trim and can be downloaded HERE. The easiest way to install the styles file is to just double click the file itself. I store my styles in a folder outside of the Photoshop Application folder. I do this so that they don’t get messed up by an update, reinstall, or whatever other disaster that I’ve managed to do to my computer over the years. The other way to load a style is to do it through the Styles palette by clicking on the little triangle and select Load Styles… from the dropdown. Then navigate to where you store your styles. As a note: Photoshop’s styles are located just below Load Styles… and can be loaded by just clicking on one of the names.

And now the frames, which I have not “clipped” to Polyvore. You are more than welcome to “clip” them yourself. If you want to download them, just right click the image and select Save Image As… or download the zip file containing all of the frames.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed!!!!