There’s been a lot of discussion on Polyvore recently on the use of templates … primarily that their use takes away one’s creativity. While I agree that some templates are rather simplistic, trying to find a different way to fill them is creative. I also believe the creation of “art” templates is not only creative, but rather challenging. I submit the following template as an example of a VERY tough one to create and will try to show you what you can do with it.

This is the set I created using a template …

To make this template, I first drew it up in Photoshop. In order to make a Placeholder available to fill, it must have a portion of it uncovered. To accomodate this problem, I made the boxes larger than necessary. While this requires the user to be diligent in filling in the template, it does allow for layering. Below is the “sketch” I used to create the template.

I must admit that I made some adjustments to this (obvious because the Poly template has 13 placeholders and my sketch only has 12), but this is basically what the template looks like. I numbered the items so that I could layer them appropriately with 1 representing the back-most layer and 12 the top-most layer. The Polyvore template is below.

As you can see, it isn’t easy seeing all the placeholders in the Polyvore template, that’s why I’ve provided my original sketch. In the process of filling in the template, I decided to make two tops; one short (waist length) and one long (about the same length as the original). At the back of the template, I put a manikin who you dress using the various placeholders. Trying to line something up with the bottom was a pain (at least when I created my set), so I put a white square in “5. bottom” placeholder. I shifted it enough to expose the hand.

The squares I used to create my “doll” are:

1. face

2. hair

3. leg 1

4. leg 2

5. bottom (my white square)

9. short skirt (this was a dress where I only used the bottom)

10. short top

11. long top (this contains the dragon fly)

Opinions??? Questions??? Feel free to comment below or ask questions. All I ask is that you take the time to consider whether or not “templates,” and the sets created with them, are creative and/or artistic.