Resizing Images in Photoshop

With more and more folks wanting to upload their own images to Polyvore, I get LOADs of questions on how best to do it. The first thing you need to be aware of is that Polyvore has restrictions on which images it will allow you to clip. While most of us are aware of the web sites we can’t clip from, many are not aware of the image file size restrictions. For example, an image that is out of proportion (as in too skinny) cannot be clipped (note the paint brush below).

Polyvore also will not clip an image that is larger than 2 MB (too large) nor will it clip one that is too small. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out what too small is yet, but if it is less than 2 MB or isn’t too skinny, it’s probably too small. Alicja was having problems clipping an image and asked me what the problem might be. When I looked at it, I realized it was too small (see below) and needed to be resized. How to fix an image that is too small is what this tutorial is all about and if you learn anything from it, be sure to thank Alicja.

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Missing in Action …

It has recently come to my attention that the items I have uploaded/clipped to Polyvore cannot be found. On the 18th of September I sent the following email to Polyvore —

Seems with your latest update, people are no longer able to find my items via search. I realize you were trying to lessen the “noise” for me, but I had assumed it was a “tweak” to the interface, not making my items impossible for others to find.

It used to be that a simple search for “comcast trees” or “ trees” would return any trees that I had uploaded via my account and had tagged as “trees” … or … if I created a query along the lines of trees would show up … not anymore (I have had more than one person tell me about this).

If I had unlimited storage in my comcast account, I wouldn’t worry about this problem, I’d just leave everything up on the server so folks could find them there. But this is a personal (ie, free) account and I must continually delete things in order to upload more.

I received a response back almost immediately that it would be looked into.

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How Chris’ Kimono II Template Works (with French translation)

This tutorial is for the Kimono II template (; however, Kimono I and Kimono II are basically the same template. I am also translating this tutorial into French using Google translate ( in the hopes that my friend HapFab can understand how to use this template. I’m also hoping she will get a laugh out of my French.

Ce tutoriel est fait pour le modèle Kimono II (, mais je Kimono I et Kimono II sont essentiellement le même modèle. Je suis également la traduction de ce tutoriel en français par Google translate ( dans l’espoirque mon ami peut HapFab comprendre comment utiliser ce modèle. J’espère aussiqu’elle sera faire rire de mon français.

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The Great Template Debate

There’s been a lot of discussion on Polyvore recently on the use of templates … primarily that their use takes away one’s creativity. While I agree that some templates are rather simplistic, trying to find a different way to fill them is creative. I also believe the creation of “art” templates is not only creative, but rather challenging. I submit the following template as an example of a VERY tough one to create and will try to show you what you can do with it.

This is the set I created using a template …

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